TightVNC 2.8

Control the desktop of a remote machine with your local mouse and keyboard
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TightVNC is exactly what it sounds like! It is a compact VNC Server and Viewer Package that allows you to share your computer's screen and, if you opt to do so, share your control too. Great if you need to use your computer from elsewhere or share your machine with someone else - perhaps for troubleshooting or collaborative work. All this can be done with the TightVNC Server. It has a selection of Encryption methods and speed/quality adjustments to create the best remote experience possible for the internet speed available. At just 2.1mb, the program can even connect to other VNC servers (not just TightVNC, but others too, including UltraVNC and Veency for iPhone just to name a few applications that use the VNC standard). The Viewer includes a variety of scaling and quality options, too.

The Server also includes a variety of options for registering it as a service, meaning you can have it auto-start with Windows and not require a log-in to be controlled remotely. This also allows the computer to be locked whilst keeping a connection alive. Both the Viewer and the Server can operate within a local subnet and across the Internet. You can also set a password to stop uninvited people from accessing your PC.

Christopher Hammond
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  • Small
  • Feature rich
  • Free


  • Interface is a little clunky
  • Not designed for PC amateurs
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